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Liberalism Vs. Conservatism (Debate Forum) It isn't that Liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so much that isn't so. - Ronald Reagan

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Old 08-23-2007, 01:12 PM
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Top Ten Conservative Beliefs

1. The rights of the individual are supreme. We are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Individuals living in a free society should therefore make every effort to place and ensure limitations on their government. The First Congress of the United States recognized this supposition, and passed a Bill of Rights which both clarifies the rights of individuals and places restrictions on government.

2. All persons are created equal, and are of equal and inestimable worth. Any government program which seeks to discriminate against or in favor of a person on the sole basis of race or ethnicity should never be tolerated.

3. The money one earns as the result of his work and industriousness, and the goods he acquires with that money, are his private property. Tax systems should never be designed to appropriate one's private property for the purpose of distributing that property to another person who has done nothing to earn it. Nor should personal achievement be punished or discouraged by confiscatory taxation. The Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution declares, in part, that private property shall not be taken for public use, without just compensation. One's earnings are his private property, and taxes should therefore only be collected through consumer activity.

4. Wealth is created only by private enterprise. A society flourishes best in an atmosphere where competition is encouraged, and citizens are properly rewarded for their excellence. The government does not create wealth, and should therefore only do the things the private sector can not or will not do. Public services the government should provide for its citizens include a standing army, law enforcement and other such protections, roadways, and schools. The government should never raise more money than is required to find direct, basic services.

5. The best parents for a child are that child's parents. The government should never create programs which usurp the duty of parents. Although the government should provide good schools and staff them with competent teachers, parents should bear the primary responsibility for their children's well-being and education. The role of discipline must be shouldered by the parents, and parents should send their children to school with the clear understanding that they are there to learn. Our teachers are not daycare providers. In addition, a child's character and moral underpinnings should be instilled by his parents -- not the public education system.

6. Private charities, religious or otherwise, are necessary institutions in a free society, because they are designed to extend benevolence to individuals who are temporarily in need. Charities exist because individuals are compelled, by their own desire, to share a portion of their own money (not other people's money) with the full faith that those charities will spend that money wisely, frugally, and solely for the purposes which they advertise. The government should therefore only provide social services in very limited cases to those individuals who absolutely cannot help themselves. The welfare state is anathema to a free, capitalist society.

7. Elected officials and government employees are public servants, and should never concern themselves with improving anyone's life. Americans have the distinct privilege of residing in a country where we, and only we, decide what improves our lives. Although no one can be promised and equal outcome life, everyone should be afforded equal opportunity to pursue happiness for himself and his family. Therefore, no citizen seeking public office should ever do so under the pretense that he will take property from one and give that property to another in order to improve his life. An elected official's primary concern should be to facilitate and perpetuate the free society to which he belongs.

8. Governments do have their place, do provide some worthwhile services, and taxes are therefore necessary. However, those charged with the power to levy taxes should recognize foremost that their fellow citizens have many obligations, goals, and priorities for themselves and their families which are tantamount to funding the government.

9. Immigrants are welcome, but the government has the duty to place restrictions on immigration, and should do whatever is necessary to execute those restrictions. Those who seek to immigrate into the United States in order to enjoy our freedoms and opportunties must do so legally, and with the understanding that they will be expected to support themselves and their families, live by our laws, pay their taxes, and learn our language.
10. There is a Supreme Being, and there are very clear distinctions between right and wrong. This is why laws are necessary. In addition, the government should never make laws which restrict or even discourage the free exercise of religion.

Taken from....... http://markarose.com/rightminded/top_ten.htm
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Old 08-24-2007, 12:42 AM
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Here are my ideas of Conservative beliefs, mine might be very similar to yours. Even an oddball like me, who doesn't follow the straight line can give definitions on politics

1. To maintain societal stability, not a societal balance. A societal balance is a den of equality but it doesn't mean that the city won't decay. Stability allows the city or town to grow as a sort of community, with close ties but relaxed enough that everybody can breathe. It also means that people can do whatever they want, but to put responsibility as a maxim of actions. That is, true societal stability will allow very few, if any, abortions. Abortions will lead a city into chaos. Stability might seem like the status quo of social Conservatism, but it helps alleviate pain and makes society more progressive as a whole.

2. That the majority should not be trampled on nor the minority weakened. Basically Conservatism means that Judeo-Christianity and other mainstream or majority based races, creeds, sexes and the like are as equally protected as minority ones. It believes that when one is levelled over another, the force of that chance is weakened and replaced by a system of dependance and on victimhood.

And when victimhood happens than the majority rights and minority rights are both going downhill. That is why it has been said Republicans donate equally to everyone regardless of race in the case of a disaster. True egalitarianism is what Lefties want, but they miss it when they lift the underdog to heights by artificial and not natural means. It is also why many Conservatives are against Illegal Immigration and Affirmative Action.

3. That everyone has a right to engage in risky activities in order to free themselves but that freedom doesn't live to restrict the freedom of being born and to live. That is why many Conservatives are against the WOD, and why Anti-Gun Control is a huge Conservative issue. While those same Conservatives might be on those pages they are on different pages when it comes to abortion, for abortion is not as much a social freedom or social right as it is a way to restrict someone else's rights. The true armor of a Conservative is to fight to prevent tyranny here and abroad and to keep armed weapons as a sign of of a trump card.

The Death Penalty also applies for it also restricts the rights of another when somebody is killed or severely traumatized to a point of no return by a rapist, for example. It is all about who takes your rights, and in that way is why Conservatives like me are Pro-Life, Pro-Death Penalty and Pro-WOT because it isn't simplified as killing someone as much as it is somebody else killing someone to restrict their own rights.

4. That government should not replace G-d. Liberals are not secularists, nor are they atheists. A humanist isn't both because they substitute humanity for a God, nor is a government following Liberal one because they worship the government over any religious practice including secular structures and atheism. Now, there is a strong religious fervor which Democrats hate in the GOP(the same fervor that was against slavery and is now against abortion) primarily because of one of the principles being do not lower G-d to uphill government. Unfortunately, through abuses of the Separation of Church and State doctrine our government has become a magnamonious, monolithic monster filled with lots of bureaucracies and pipes with very little tubes.

This is why so many Conservatives are against government trying to ban religious practices, especially those of freedom and of Christian cause(if the majority religion was Hinduism in this country, the same exact thing would be happening today with Hindus). They believe that the government replacing G-d leads to so many abuses that it renders everything unholy, like a babylon whore.

I am for Separation of Church and State but I am also for a Libertarianism where the government pays loans and mortgage bills and auctions off all of its programs(yes even the military) to the private sector because they can do ANYTHING better than the feds.

I don't believe that our government should meddle in religious affairs, as much as religion is so connected to politics(it is one of the forbidden subjects to talk about and it informs of a basic belief system, there are even Liberal and Conservative sects), religion can be overvalued in political debate.

5. Stability also means law and order. Conservatism not only means conserve society, but bring society together and maintain a presence so that the society can conserve its trusts and promises to one another. That is why most military members are Conservative and most public sector jobs dealing with law and order are Conservative because it means, although it might be a paradox, that no matter the gun control laws there might be somebody with a gun who will help you from danger.

It also means that there will be a trampoline of personal responsibility if you cannot handle it yourself. Although, not everything in this trait can be true to all presences dealing with law enforcement(read a Govt. Watch FR thread to learn so) it rings a bell of pre-emptive action or of a way so that the restrictions of the rights to live and be born can either not be applied or get paid with the penalty. It is also important because it helps people realize that America is here and is not going down.

6. Conservatives believe that personal affairs and personal character flaws lead to personal politics. Unlike Liberals, Conservatives realize that issues like sexual affairs(Clinton) are not trivial and say a lot about a person's political character including a penchant for bribery(China) and their penchant for being blackmailed.

While Clinton was not impeached for a blow-job, what it is was all about a pattern, just like Nixon's watergate scandal. Like Nixon's paranoia, Clinton also had a anything really doesn't matter, I can do anything that I want attitude which of course is why he looks so much like a crime boss. Conservatives believe that an attitude with a small sign of moral restraint depending on the office one holds, is very important, that morality defines the man.

Liberals of course don't believe it and would defend the Enron-loving Clinton for the fact that he was "framed" for a triviality. Now can it be changed? Of course it can afterall Clinton wasn't impeached in the first year of his second term, like Nixon he was impeached later on because he just couldn't help himself. On all things, Liberals are the creators, and Conservatives are the editors(or the engineers which is why there are so many Conservative engineers). Federal spending is a great example of that.

7. That people, companies and anything can succeed. That is why I believe that Conservatism's heart and soul is Anti-Protectionism. It used to be that Socialists were protectionists(of course I also remember reading This Side of Paradise where the main character turns into a Socialist because he cannot get married for not having enough money. Hello marriage benefits), but some Conservatives have even gotten into bed with the wrong wife to find out what is wrong.

True Conservatism will say that if somebody is sinking on a ship, that you cannot do all of the work to help them out, sometimes once in a while innovation and rugged individualism breed success and not government liferafts. Conservatism relies on free trade and also on anti-protectionism because it doesn't give away welfare beeds, it doesn't make the market a little more fascistic, and it relies on federal government price controls, also if you don't believe that Capitalism led to the Great Depression, one of the biggest alternatives is the infamous Hawley-Smoot Tariff.

Conservative foreign policy is sort of based on that, and in my personal opinion as long as trade doesn't come through bribes(the whole Clinton-China affair is very disgusting. The leader of a country putting party over country) it is acceptable. Like I've said before, sometimes a freedom can bite you in the butt but why are we Anti-Gun Control then?

8. That anything the government can do, business can do better except on anything relegated by the constitution. For many Conservatives, the constitution is like their interpretation of the bible, literal, not taken apart and put back together.

So, as it is the Constitution Party is one of the biggest Conservative parties along with the Libertarians(though the CP hasn't made any headlines recently) because Conservatives believe a lot in the constitution and believe that the heed you give it is very important. It is sort of why the P-word for Conservatives is Patriot and for Liberals is The People. So as it is, fiscal Conservatism.

Conservatives believe that very little, if any at all spending should be on social programs, and that the federal government should only be dealing in law enforcement and whatever else is chosen by the constitution. Afterall, because groups of people can't just bandy around for an army in the middle of nowhere, it would cause chaos and perhaps a Waco, the federal government is using it as a sponsor and endorser of what it deems fair and just, and what foreign nations are fair and just.

It also is meant to protect us from invasions, and from direct threats that might happen on our shores. I don't agree with that totally, but what I do agree is that the Private Sector practically runs everything better and that the military is perhaps the best thing that the government can do(hardly a story about soldiers who break the rules, unlike cops, or other methods of law enforcement).

Conservatives believe that instead of all of the programs of the government going to waste, that private sector jobs(where real accounting is) can handle it without patronage or any other icky political factors. Liberals are quite the opposite.

9. Even on something like abortion, Conservatives yield for State's Rights. The USA is very distinctive from other countries in that it is formulated around a clump of governing regions called states. Unlike the general term, they are basically identical with common bonds but have the abilities to do whatever they want to the people unless it is illegal to do so. One of the illegalities is trying to legislate on abortion.

Because of Roe V. Wade every state must have an abortion clinic or at least not decline to help someone who wants an abortion or to outlaw it. Without Roe v. Wade states can make their own choices, like the Death Penalty. Again, like protectionism some Conservatives are not state's rights when they believe that there is a logical reason for a federal issue like the FMA, and sometimes federal issues can help fix things(Civil Rights Bills) but like businesses and private property, no matter what the owners do they have a right to do whatever they want in their business or property. So even if a state legalizes abortion if Roe v. Wade was overturned, you might hear a breath of calamity but there will not be a mob.

10. Conservatives may be law and order, but Liberals believe so highly in laws that they feel that if a certain law was repealed that we have hit a reset button on our history. A perfect example is on the Civil Rights bills. Now they maybe should be repealed. Liberals see that if it is repealled that the South will become a bunch of racists again, yet don't see that the effectiveness of those bills are through, whether or not it is a federal crime anymore somebody is going to do something.

In fact, the true intent of those bills was to make a regional crime, a federal one so that the States can be better managed without all of the corruption, and racism. The same thing with any other laws. Conservatives believe moreso that human beings of a kind can be redeemable.

That is why Conservatives are against reparations because although the old racists might be deserving of justice, not everybody is in the same bee hive and there is a glance of faith and redemption through offspring who don't share some of the qualities of their parents. Perhaps, that also is linked to the strong religious faith that many Conservatives have. Liberals, however, fear racists as much as Conservatives feared Communists in the 1950s. They believe that nobody changes, history doesn't change for anyone and that everyone in the south hates black people.

This might be simplistic, I can elaborate on it further but these are a few things to edit or amplify the original message.
Small Government: An overflowing melting pot without boundaries. A government can resist the melting pot\'s overflow but a big government is too big and restricts the needs of its citizens. <br /><br />I can be about as bleak as the North Pole when it rains
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